Bob Marvel Custom Pro 1911 .22 Conversion

Soon to Be the NEW

Bob Marvel Custom Pro II 1911 .22 Conversion

I am in the process of developing a re-engineered Bob Marvel Custom Pro 1911 .22 Conversion and approving the initial prototype design.  I anticipate that the Custom Pro II will be on the market within several months.  The new Bob Marvel Custom Pro II Conversion will have a slide lock-back feature, and adjustable sight or scope mount rib choices.  Both ribs for the Custom Pro II will be made of steel, with the option for aluminum.  Modifications to the ejector, extractor and firing pin will improve reliability and accuracy over the previous Custom Pro unit. The new conversion will be guaranteed to shoot sub .750" groups, and the customer will receive a certified test target validating the group size. As with the Bob Marvel/Advantage Arms Custom Pro, I will accurize the Custom Pro II for exceptional accuracy and reliability and sell these units from my shop, Bob Marvel Custom Guns.

Please email < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for the improved Bob Marvel Custom Pro II 1911 .22 Conversion or if you have questions. Please check this website and www.bobmarvel22conversion.com frequently as I will be updating prices and additional information regarding the Bob Marvel Custom Pro II as soon as that information becomes available.

Please note that the Bob Marvel Custom Pro 1911 .22 Conversion is not the same conversion marketed by another company which utilizes my last name.  Despite being the original designer of the Bob Marvel .22 conversion, I have not been affiliated with M.P. since 2003.

I have appreciated your tremendous support and inquiries regarding the Bob Marvel/Advantage Arms Custom Pro .22 Conversion.  Advantage Arms ceased producing the Marvel Custom Pro due to tremendous 1911 conversion back-orders.  As a result, the previous accurized version is no longer available from my pistol shop.  I have been unable to respond to all your inquiries about Bob Marvel/Advantage Arms conversion purchases due to the uncertainty regarding the availablility of conversions from A. Arms and problems with my conversion website/email address.  Please accept my apologies for any lack of response and not being able to fill your previously placed order.

Be assured that I will continue to honor the 1 year warranty and service repairs from the date of purchase of the Bob Marvel/Advantage Arms Custom Pro, as originally advertised.  If I am unable to secure replacement parts from Advantage Arms, I will work personally with the customer to rectify any issues with the conversion that may arise during the warranty period.  If the warranty period has expired and there are problems with a conversion,  I will work individually with the owner of the conversion.

Thank you for your interest and support of my Bob Marvel Custom Pro .22 Conversion.

Bob Marvel

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~ Excellent treatment that lubricates, penetrates, cleans, & preserves metals
~ Proven performance for semi/full automatic guns, black powder barrels & suppressors
~ Better than graphite, PTFE or synthetics
~ Reduces friction & carbon build-up
~ Provides protective coating
~ No build-up or tackiness
~ Protects against corrosion
~ Repels moisture
~ Effective in high & low temperatures
~ Safe to use on polymer